👋 Welcome, thanks for your interest in becoming a UX (Product) Designer! This document details our recruitment process for designers. We strive to be open and transparent to not only help applicants succeed but also to give everyone a closer look at what makes Sandbox special.

<aside> 💻 Looking to apply for Fall 2024? You can do so here!


Building a Better Recruitment Process

During recruiting, we strive to:

Commitment to Inclusivity

We are working to attract a more diverse group of applicants. To do this, we are connecting with various clubs and campus groups to make sure everyone in the Northeastern community has equal access to our opportunities. We will also collect demographic information to track our progress and see how effective our efforts are.

<aside> ‼️ This information will be kept strictly separate from applications and solely used to identify how we can improve in future recruiting cycles.


Our Recruitment Process

Submitting an Application

The first step is to fill out our application here. It is a chance for us to learn about you, your experience in product/UX design, and why you'd be a great addition to Sandbox. You will also be asked to submit your portfolio (website, Google Drive folder, etc).

Round 1: Portfolio Review

Your portfolio will be evaluated based on visual design, problem-solving skills, and your ability to iterate. If you move forward in the process, we will place you in one of two distinct tracks tailored to your experience.

Designer Tracks

Students of all experience levels have a place in Sandbox, and are committed in making our process reflect that. To accommodate everyone's unique design abilities, we've created two tracks:

<aside> 🐟 Tadpole Track: This track is for students who are just dipping their toes into the world of UI/UX and product design. Whether you’ve taken a few design classes, are exploring digital art tools like Adobe Creative Suite or Figma, or simply have a bit of design work to show, we welcome your enthusiasm. We’re looking for budding designers eager to expand their skills in product design and development.

Typically rising 1st, 2nd, 3rd years