Since we last provided updates on our recruiting processes in 2021, Sandbox has grown in numbers, partnerships, and impact.

Our current process, and how we arrived at it, is outlined below. Just like before, we’re talking about our process to set all applicants up for success and give others some insight into Sandbox as a whole.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of recruiting at Sandbox and our vision for a successful recruiting process, you can check out how we’ve thought about recruiting in the past: v1 - identifying goals and creating standardized interviews and v2 - building applicant tracks and rounds.

If you’re interested in applying, you can do so here!

Learning and Iterating: Do It Again

The standards we hold ourselves to in our recruiting process have remained steady since we last wrote about recruiting. In particular, our goals for the recruiting process are as follows:

We continue to build on the recruiting process piloted by Sandbox leadership two years ago, with adjustments made as we grow and change as an organization. We built our current process to try to ensure the following:

A lot of our reflection was based on feedback we got from applicants and new members, which has been an invaluable resource as we continue to try and improve our process.

Current Priorities

This cycle, one of the main things we’re focusing on is reaching out to a more diverse applicant pool. As part of these efforts, we’re reaching out to a broad range of clubs and campus groups to ensure that our opportunities are equally accessible to everyone in the Northeastern community. In order to measure our progress and the effectiveness of our outreach, we’re collecting demographic information for the first time this semester.

<aside> ‼️ This information will be kept strictly separate from applications to minimize any unconscious bias and to protect our applicants’ personal information. We’re hoping that with this data we’ll be able to see what areas we’re doing well in and which areas we need to improve in for future recruiting cycles.


With that in mind, our recruiting process is outlined below:

Our Recruiting Process